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The Walking Dead – Episode 2 Launch Trailer

The Walking Dead – Episode 2 Launch Trailer

Its Zombie time again folks, this makes me happy! Form the looks of this launch trailer there are going to be some tough decisions to be made and in the true spirit of the series all options available will be FUBAR. If you haven’t tried the first episode – I recommend that you do! The Walking Dead is not your usual Zombie game, its not a shooter for a start. The game is more adventure based and tugs on the old style detective¬† type gaming of old. Its great and make a nice change of pace to the current big name games – you should at least try the demo. Walking Dead fans like myself need no convincing, ist that right Dead-heads! Suffice to say that I loved episode one and I’m nearly gnawing at my own arm to play this next installment… hope that doesn’t mean I’m coming down with a dose of Zombiism, Gulp! Episode two of¬†Telltale Game’s fantastic Walking Dead game is now available for USA Xbox gamers (at 400 msp – same as last time) and the rest of us can download the game this Friday the 29th for Xbox, PS3, PC and Mac. Brainsss….


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