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Far Cry 3 – Release Delayed

Far Cry 3 – Release Delayed

We’ve seen a plethora of titles having their release dates kicked into the long grass over the last few months and Ubisoft have now confirmed that the much anticipated Far Cry 3 has suffered the same fate. Fear not though homosapiens, you will not have to wait too much longer than previously stated.

The FPS which sees you in the role of Jason Brody who not only becomes seperated from his girlfriend during their visit to a tropical island but also has his sanity pushed to the very limits, was due to arrive this September, however we are now told that it will not hit the shelves until November 30th. Although this will provide much ammo for the moaning guns of loud mouths across the net, we are always pleased to see developers taking their time with a product rather than rushing out a half baked bug-fest.

Ubisoft also have take this opportunity to let it be know that Just Dance 4 will arrive on 2nd of October in the UK on the Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3, while Rocksmith which will have bass guitar features will launch this September 28th on the 360 and PS3, with the PC release coming on October 19th.

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