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Amazing Spider-Man -Final Game Trailer

Amazing Spider-Man -Final Game Trailer

My Spidey senses are tingling, either that or the hot chick that just walked past my window has my web maker in a state of jingle jangle. Regardless I know that I plan on shooting my goo all over New York city in this new Spidey game. It looks like a return to form as we haven’t really seen a good web-slinger game since Spider-Man 2 – at least in my opinion. You can get you hands sticky on the Xbox and PS3 as of now if you live in the USA, cos it is out today. The rest of the globe will have to keep their hands in their pockets till Friday the 29th when they can then shoot the white stuff all over the city. In the meantime enjoy what is said to be the last Amazing Spider-Man trailer for the game. It is quite cool I must admit and has me looking forward to playing it – job done so! On a side note – I have always wondered what Spidy does when he needs to go to the toilet, I know the suit is probably waterproof and that, bet ewww.

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