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$99 Xbox 360 With Kinect Now Available

$99 Xbox 360 With Kinect Now Available

Still not bought yourself a 360 eh? Forgive me but I must ask, are you mentally ill or just dim? The 360 for our money is one of the finest gaming platforms ever made, we may even argue it’s the finest ever made if you pushed us to it. Currently gaming hacks and punters alike are having a field-day speculating about the next generation of consoles; when they will arrive, what whizz-bangs and snaggle-floogers will be inside and will they have the ability to run you a bath for you while you’re on the Charabanc home from the mine? Don’t listen to them. The current generation will be around a while longer yet and now is your chance to pick up Microsoft’s console at a bargain price. That is as long as you live in the US of A.

Best Buy, GameSpot and the Microsoft Store are now offering a Xbox 360 with Kinect for $99. That’s a saving of around 200 big ones. There is a catch though. Customers who snap up this deal will be tied into a two year Xbox Live Gold subscription which will run you $14.99 per month, or just under $360 if you prefer.

Personally, I think this is a tremendous move by MS. There are those who will turn their nose up at this due to the attached subscription cost but, for those on a low income the offer provides a great opportunity. Instead of going into dept, or obtaining credit to buy a 360, which would add up to a lot more than the price tag here, you are getting a cheap console and to get the best out of it a Gold subscription is pretty much necessary anyway. It’s win, win.

We believe should this be a success State side, it won’t be to long until such deals are rolled out elsewhere.

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