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Xbox Live – Summer of Arcade Promotion Detailed

Xbox Live – Summer of Arcade Promotion Detailed

Booo! Booo, I tell thee! It’s summer and nothing quite displeases me more. There are many reasons for my curmudgeonly attitude towards the vilest of all seasons:

  • My blood is too thick for any type of heat.
  • The top of my bonce seems to get sun burned more every year.
  • People with bodies that resemble bin bags filled with yogurt walk the street wearing less clothes than they should.
  • Wasps and other flying bastards put a year’s worth of planning into action and begin a campaign of terror directed at me.
  • People insist on inviting me to parties.

Shobgites think that the arrival of protracted periods of daylight means they need to turn up their dreadful music so we can all ‘enjoy’ it. Heat seems to make these gits hard of hearing – it’s my only explanation for this.

I could go on and on, but despite all of my bile there is one thing which makes summer tolerable and that is Microsoft’s brilliant XBLA summer promotion. In previous years this annual event has brought us some truly excellent titles such as Limbo and Trials HD and this year is looking like another bumper year as a new trailer has appeared outlining what we can expect to see.

The full lineup includes:

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD
Dust: An Elysian Tail

Although we are yet to receive a solid date for when the promotion begins, the small print on the video below would suggest that it will be all done and dusted by August 21st. The previous summer extravaganzas have run for around 6 weeks and if it is the same sort of time frame for this year, that would mean we will see the release of Hybrid around July 11th.

As always, if your purchase 3 of the featured games you will receive a bonus of 400 MS Points to spend as you wish. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on when the promotion begins.

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