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Tex Murphy: Project Fedora – Hits Funding Target

Tex Murphy: Project Fedora – Hits Funding Target

Kickstarter, I’ve been waiting for something like you all my life. For years gamers have had to put up with publishers narrowing their eyes and telling us “no we’re not making anymore of your favorite games. We’re working on this new IP and you will like it or else!” The crowd funded service offered by Kickstarter has given game makers and fans alike the opportunity to blow a big old raspberry to such narrow minded thinking, with a new adventure on it’s way form Ron Gilbert, Al Lowe remaking Leisure Suit Larry and many more, we the people have spoken. Vox Populi FTW!

Today brings another Kickstarter success as Tex Murphy: Project Fedora has made it to it’s funding target and we’re darn well looking forward to putting on the hat and raincoat again.

A massive congratulation to Cris Jones and Aaron Connors and make sure you keep an eye on GZ for all the latest Tex Murphy news which will be arriving over the weeks to come.

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