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Peter Molyneux and The 50 Grand DLC

Peter Molyneux and The 50 Grand DLC

Despite the headline above, this is not a new game. Although it sounds to me like it would have potential. Something along the lines of Sir Peter of Bullfrog setting out on a quest with his trusty side kick ’50 Grand’ (I imagine 50 Grand would be some kind of amorphous pink blob with a wizard’s hat) to save the mythical land of Gamertropolis from the nefarious Lord Releases-That-Provide-Players-With-What-They-Were-Promised-Pre-launch. I’d buy that.

You are probably aware by now that Molyneux left Lionhead and Microsoft a while back and has started a new studio called 22Cans. The first project from this new developer will be entitled Curiosity which feature a room with a big fecking black cube inside. The objective is to chisel away at the dark brick in order to find a ‘prize’ inside. Fair enough. Of course the kicker here is that you can purchase stronger chisels to aid you in your virtual stonemason’s work. Want a tool 10 times more powerful than your current wood and metal stick? That will be 59 British pennies please. Want one 100,000 times more effective? That’ll be £50,000… That’s not a typo, it will really cost you 50 large.

Now, I have little doubt that Sir Peter of Theme Park knows nothing of our little Treehouse, but I have the feeling that he is the type of fellow who regularly Googles himself. So, this next bit is aimed at you Pete…

Molynuex told New Scientist:

“It’s an insane amount of money,”

“This is not a money-making exercise; it is a test about the psychology of monetisation.”

Interesting, do continue my old china plate. Tell us, what’s the point of your ‘experiement’?

“[to] record and study how news of what’s inside spreads across social media in an attempt to explore the psychology of social media users. We will rely entirely on social media. How will [the person who claims the prize] prove it? That in itself becomes a fascinating aspect of this experiment”

Erm, sorry PM I’m not buying it. Molyneux is without a doubt one of (if not the) most creative games designers of all time and despite all the usual finger pointing and carrying of pitchforks that arises from we gaming hayseeds due to his record of gobbing off, when Pete talks we listen. I get the feeling he has left himself wide open (again) to much sneering and having the ol’ skunk eye flashed his way for trying to pass off a great marketing strategy as something intellectual.

The real point of this experiment is to see how many gaming hacks would report on this and thus give a publicity push to Pete’s first post Lionhead title. Jesus man, you could have just asked.

Curiosity will arrive soon on PC and mobiles. There, wasn’t that easier?

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