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E3 2012: Dance Central 3 – Trailer

E3 2012: Dance Central 3 – Trailer

I’ll level with you. Dance Central 3 was never at the top of our list of games to report on from this years E3, as were not the type of primates who are into jigging around. You maybe though, who are we to judge your gaming habits? Or, you may be drunk or mentally ill and both of those states lead to individuals doing daft things, like buying yourself a dance game when you’re thirty seven years of age and should fecking know better.

There is not a lot you can say about the new Dance Central, it’s the same old arm-waving-hip-swayer that the first two titles where but with different music. That’s it really apart from here is the new trailer from E3, in case you are interested.

I did learn of one interesting bit of news this week which was dance gaming related. Apparently there is a video somewhere of GZ’s Great Ape Davie Kong getting jiggy with it to such a game. It would be a terrible thing if our readers started demanding that the said piece of film be put up on our homepage in the featured video section. Can you imagine if you all started some kind of campaign on our Facebook Page or via Twitter? That would be just awful…

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