E3 2012: Skyrim Dawnguard – trailer and details | Gamerillaz

E3 2012: Skyrim Dawnguard – trailer and details

E3 2012: Skyrim Dawnguard – trailer and details


What’s got glowing eyes, pointy teeth and a deep menacing voice? Well if its not your mother in law it has to be the Vampire Lord in Bethesda highly anticipated DLC Dawnguard for Skyrim. Dawnguard will give players the chance to pick what side they want to fight for vampires or the vampire hunters the Dawnguard. If the simple fact of playing as either side is not enough to put a huge smile on your face, each class will have their own unique abilities. With the bloodsuckers being able to command swarms of bats and gargoyles, float on water. Team Vamp will also be getting a new power called the vampiric grip and a new spell called “Drain Life”. Vampiric grip, lets you grab enemies and fling them around like rag dolls, while “Drain Life” sucks the hit points from selected targets. The Dawnguards on the other hand will be equipped with a new “Soul Tear” shout, which will literary tear the enemy’s soul out and have it reanimate as an ally that will fight with you.Bethesda also reveled that there will be a vampire quest which will see you working for the vampire overlord Harkon, while he embarks on his Mr.Burn’s-esq quest to block out the sun. That should be more then enough to have you looking towards the proposed release date of June 26th with heightened anticipation, but there’s more(there always is). The DLC will also upgraded the current batch of bloodsuckers in Skyrim to make them more demonic looking and will allows players to compete the Skyrim quest line as a vampire lord.Oh and I almost forgot there will also be a¬†werewolf skill tree called “Lycanthropy”. With a release date hinted at for June 26th and costing 1600 MS points this should see us through the summer months ahead.Skyrim Dawnguard will be available on the Xbox 360 first before being released onto the PS3 and PC, at a date yet to be decided. Xbox owners who cant wait until the proposed June 26th release date can apply for access to the beta here.


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