E3 2012: Forza Horizon – new info and screenshots.. | Gamerillaz

E3 2012: Forza Horizon – new info and screenshots..

E3 2012: Forza Horizon – new info and screenshots..

The problem with any open world racing, is your tendency to go off exploring dirt roads like a turbo charged boy scout, to the point where you relay on the satellite gods above to get you out of this mess you have just found yourself in. While the introduction of sat nav in car games is as old as well sat nav, what is new is the introduction of voice activated sat nav via Kinect, what does that mean? Well if your looking for the next race, local watering hole or swanky car garage you just say it out loud and the little green line will point you to your desired location. As Design Director John Knowles said today “‘GPS’ becomes the keyword,”. “You can tell it a specific location, but it also has smart listening systems so it knows when you’re shortcutting. You could say “GPS, event, circuit race, blankety blank,” like a four-step thing or you could just say ‘GPS, next circuit race.’” Pretty cool, no more looking at a map at over 200km .Some new information has also surfaced about the game and its multiplayer options and some staggering technically information. The game sees you start off at the back of a pack of racers as you streak and slide your way through Colorado hoping to make it to the Horizon Festival. Players will start off in small local events before getting invited to compete in sponsor specific events and then its onto the big bad free roaming world. Where you can challenge rivals as you see them. Not content with looking to attract the casual pick up and play racer , but the hard core Forza fans as well.The game can be played in full simulation mode with all the assists turned off. On the multiplayer side the rivals mode and the car club from Forza 4 have been tweaked and will be included into the game. While everything in the game is going to be tracked, and posted on leaderboards with play modes like Speed Zone, where players have to go as fast as they can down a certain stretch of road to a cat and mouse mode this looks like it could be worth the price of admission alone. But it’s the little things that are important, only in this case there not so little. Forza Horizon contains over  206 different roads, with over 65 different road conditions, has a 20km draw distance, the Forza physics engine updates 360 times per second! and it also contains a dynamic day/night system.Forza Horizion will be available on the xbox 360 from the 2nd of November.

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