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Welcome to E3 – GAMERILLAZ Style!

Welcome to E3 – GAMERILLAZ Style!

Welcome, welcome welcome. The merry band of lunatic monkeys here at Gamerillaz have been literally bouncing off the wall in anticipation of the biggest gaming event of the year and when I say ‘merry’ I mean so intoxicated via the nectar of alcohol to the point that our blood could be bottled and sold in pubs around the world. Dr. Zaius has taped up his fingers in anticipation of them bleeding from the blinding speed of his typing, Clyde has placed the matchsticks under his eyelids so he doesn’t miss anything by blinking. Mighty Joe has prepared his bandages to patch up his bleeding eyes after editing all of our crimes against the language called English, while Bubbles will be playing with his gadget in the corner of the tree house waiting for a new one to emerge during E3. Hairyback Tones is recovering from sunstroke but has one hand unburnt, hopefully he can free it up from his hand held device to do some Sony coverage and Enos will be lubing up in baby-oil and riding himself in a water-bed watching porn, so for him its just a normal day at the office. As for me, well I will be doing the usual – scratching my arse with one hand and typing with the other while holding a nice cold beer in my right foot. My left foot will be on high alert in case I… need to scratch an itch, if ya know what I mean. Those booth babes are HOT ya know.

Anyway, enough about us – this is about you… actually its not, all you have to do is sit there lazily and read or watch -  its actually about the games. Over the next four days we will do our very best to bring you all the breaking news possible from this years E3 Expo that is being held as always in the sunny land of California at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It will run from Monday June 5th to Thursday June 7th and will be primarily under the umbrella of Spike TV and Gamespot. You can expect to see announcement’s from all the big developers and I’m sure there will be at least one or two surprises. I’m hoping for a new announcement on a third Batman game, a bit of GTA V info and maybe Red Dead Redemption 2 or Half Life 3 goodies – but that could just be me. What do you want to see? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below.

Meanwhile we will be feeding you all the info that is coming out of E3 by our live stream links and our general hawk eye for interesting nuggets of gaming goodness and you can be sure we will make it even better for you by way of critical analysis – aka – being smart-asses. Just choose from the menu bar above what you want and I’m sure you will find something of E3 interest. We hope you stick with us for the coverage and that we can feed your craving hunger for gaming info while putting a smile on your fat little faces. We may be dead by the end of all this but at least we will have kept you biped, chicken eating, warmongering, smelly humans informed. Someone call animal rights – this is monkey rape! Just because we enjoy this, that does not make it right… does it?


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