Nintendo E3 2012 Press Conference – Live Stream | Gamerillaz

Nintendo E3 2012 Press Conference – Live Stream

Nintendo E3 2012 Press Conference – Live Stream

I’m not being smart but how many ‘real’ gamers really give a crap about what Nintendo are doing next. Don’t get me wrong, I grew up with a Nes, Snes and N64. I’m well acquainted with the potential delights of Nintendo but I’m not twelve years old anymore and I find it difficult to get excited about a console that is named similar to a phrase used to describe something smelly - Wii U. That said, followers of the hand held market should be getting a good old stiffy for whats to come. Will Gearbox’s faith in the pungent console be justified? Will there be any ‘propper’ titles on it or just more crap party games? Will I have to eat my own head because I totally misjudged the mighty N? I doubt it but stay tuned here to see for sure. Take a shot every time someone says ‘Hardcore’ and I imagine you will remain very sober. Tune in June 5, 2012 9:00am (USA East coast time – 5pm GMT).


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