Electronic Arts E3 2012 Press Conference – Live Stream | Gamerillaz

Electronic Arts E3 2012 Press Conference – Live Stream

Electronic Arts E3 2012 Press Conference – Live Stream

EA or Electronic Arts for the slightly ignorant among you (they do exist you know) share the biggest spot of the gaming industry along with Activision. Many a gamer has grumbled at EA over the years for its lack of customer appreciation or just for the slew of slightly upgraded games repackaged and fobbed off to the fans – I’m thinking mainly sports games (which no doubt we will see plenty of here). No matter what, you cannot deny that they are a major part of our gaming culture and have published/developed some of the best games ever. They will continue to do so with equal measure of awe and frustration from their fans/customers long into the future I imagine. This year it will be interesting to see what new IP’s will be announced and if we will get a sniff of what they plan to do with the Mass Effect franchise. I just hope they end the talk well, eh! Perhaps a Battlefield 4? More on the rebirth of a classic RTS – Command & Conquer: Generals 2?  Perhaps a sequel to Dante’s Inferno? Something Star Wars from Lucas Arts? Dead Space 3 and Crysis 3 info? Or maybe just more Sims games… Who knows until we watch the conference. Take a shot every time they say ‘free content’ and you wont need to even buy any booze.  Tune in June 4, 2012 1:00pm (USA East coast time – 9pm GMT).

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