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Dragon’s Dogma – Launch Trailer

Dragon’s Dogma – Launch Trailer

Yowch! Ones posterior is riddled with metaphorical splinters due to all this Dragon’s Dogma fence sitting I’ve been doing since last years E3. On paper this is a game which has everything that tickles my fancy, dragons, cockatrices (or should that be cockatiri?) and a large open world environment to run around in. Even the early previews of the game which have seen many describe it as “Skyrim meets Dark Souls” haven’t been enough to turn my internal hype dial up towards the maximum setting and being honest I have no idea why.

That of course has all changed after watching the launch trailer which has gotten me back flipping like a dog on an over glorified seaside talent show.

Dragon’s Dogma arrives on PS3 and Xbox 360 this May 22nd in The US and the 25th in the EU.

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