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PS Vita – What to Play and Where

PS Vita – What to Play and Where

We have already given you an overview of the Vita and how it has been doing in the console marketplace but we thought that it’s about time we gave a run down of what’s really important i.e. the games.

First of all, the Vita is compatible with over 250 PSP titles. This is not something that interests me personally however I appreciate that it’s great for all the PSP fans and it also means that there is a wide selection of games at very reasonable prices (€6 to €15). In these recessionary times consumers are demanding value for money and the PSN Store is full of it, so all credit to Sony as variety and competitive pricing will only help to build upon the sales the Vita has seen up to now.

Moving on to the more exciting topic of titles developed for the Vita, there are now over 50 titles available across a variety of genres. There are numerous demos available to download and here is a run down of just a few.

  • Super Stardust Delta: Does anyone remember Asteroids on the Atari? This seems to have been inspired by the 1979 classic and it has been nicely modernized but still retains the features that make it a very enjoyable and highly addictive arcade style game. Perfect for the Vita as it’s designed for gaming on the move.  You’ll wish your commute was 15 minutes longer so you could enjoy this game for just a little bit more.
  • Cliff Diving: This is a FREE game that makes use of the AR (Augmented Reality) Cards that come with the Vita. The front facing camera focuses on the card and a 3D image appears on the screen that becomes the cliff that you dive off of. It’s a feature that no other console has and it’s a really fun game and the potential for this feature is huge. Imagine a sexy 3D Poison Ivy (from Batman). Maybe one day you won’t need to imagine her because an AR card will create her. I’d pay good money for that!
  • Dynasty Warriors Next: A beat-em-up on a massive scale, lots of action and dead warriors at your feet. It’s as simple as this, if you enjoyed the earlier Dynasty Warriors releases then you’ll like this. It transfers very well to the small screen and it’s a non-thinking, button smashing title that will suit gaming on the move.
  • Unit 13: A very nice shooter that reminds me of Syphon Filter. The dual analog sticks offer superb control and the touchscreen controls integrate with them seamlessly. This requires a bit more concentration so it’s more suited for playing somewhere comfortable as opposed to a bus or train full of angry commuters.
  • A-men: Sort of like Worms and can be very addictive if you like that type of game. This can be played anywhere and for any length of time so it’s perfect for the Vita. If you liked Worms or Lemmings then you’ll enjoy this even more. It’s highly  tactical and addictive but the characters have personalities making it even more interesting.
  • Wipeout 2048: I’ve already raved about this game in previous articles. It’s stunning on the Vita and I can’t recommend it enough. Hugely addictive and can be enjoyed for 15 minutes or 2 hours. Fantastic playing solo or online so I promise that you won’t regret buying this game.
  • Urban Trials: This is due for release in 2012 and although the title from Tate Interactive, although similar, it is not related to Trials HD or Trials Evolution from RedLynx, anyone who has played these will understand how enjoyable this game could potentially be. It involves riding a trials motorcycle through a series of tracks and it should be the perfect game utilize the Vita tilt and touchscreen controls.

That should give you an idea of what’s available on the Vita and take a look at this video that illustrates the Augmented Reality feature. This is a really exciting step in hand held gaming and I can’t wait until someone at Sony answers my wish and creates a Poison Ivy AR card – Slurp!

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