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Dishonored – Release Date Confirmed For October

Dishonored – Release Date Confirmed For October

If there is one game this year which has gotten my excitement gland well and truly moist it is Arkane Studios and Bethesda’s steampunk-supernatural-stab-a-thon, Dishonored.

With the news that Bioshock: Infinite would miss it’s October release date, there was a fairly big hole left it our gaming prospects for the month of witches and ghouls, but thankfully Bethesda have come to the rescue by confirming Dishonored will be released on the 9th in the US and the 12th in the EU. Hoorah!

Just in case your out of the loop on one of the most exciting looking games of the year Dishonored is set in the city of Dunwall, a place where steam-punk technology and supernatural powers exist in the forbidding shadows of an industrial landscape. You are Corvo, the once bodyguard of the murdered Empress and after being framed for the crime you swear revenge as you become and assassin. With a changeable combat system which merges technology, fighting skills and supernatural powers, it will be your choice whether to take on your enemies face on or to dispatch them all stealthy like. Your method of choice will affect the outcome of events.

Here is a reminder of the announcement trailer that arrived last month.

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