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The Elder Scrolls Online – First Trailer

The Elder Scrolls Online – First Trailer

I loved Oblivion. I loved Skyrim. I don’t think I’m going to love The Elder Scrolls Online… The rumours coming in so far are saying that this MMO is going to follow the World of Warcraft format on the PC and Mac. That is not what we were looking for – is it! The idea of exploring Skyrim or Tamriel in general with a few buddies is truly great – but in the first person/third person style game play that we are used to – not as a point and click isometric, done to death kind of way. Things can change and it would be an insult to Bethesda if we presumed they haven’t realised this – that said the game has apparently been in production for about five years already, so – Doh! Hopefully it will be just like playing Skyrim but with lots of real people populating the world. I can see the problems this might bring, like if your talking to a hot Nord chick and some player decides to interrupt by placing an arrow in her head. Or just as you kick a giant spiders ass some jerk runs in and decides to steal the loot. Funny the first time but after awhile it would get annoying – the whole place would be like MacDonalds hosting a Fat club meeting – total free for all chaos. But that’s the challenge of doing something new and I’m sure there are ways around such issues. We will be keeping a strong eye on this games development – it has the potential to be amazing – or it might be the biggest disappointment gamers have ever felt. For all the current details you can head over to Game Informer as they have an exclusive on The Elder Scrolls Online. The teaser below is more atmospheric than informative but I guess they don’t want to give away the surprise yet – as in, its not what we want…

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