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Dragon’s Lair – XBLA Release Date and Trailer

Dragon’s Lair – XBLA Release Date and Trailer

There must be a record for the most remade/re-released game of all time. I’m not saying that Dragon’s Lair is it, but Christ knows it has to be up there. When this eye popping, Disney type adventure arrived in 1983 on lazerdisc, none of us had seen anything like it. I still to this day find it staggering that this beautiful bit of adventuring arrived in the same year that McDonald’s introduced the chicken nugget.

The reason it has been remade so many times (and why it is only one of three video games housed in the Smithsonian Institution)¬†is¬†because it is brilliant and if your a grizzled old retro head like we gaming monkeys then you’ll be glad to hear that Dragon’s Lair is making it’s way to XBLA and will be available with full Kinect support from May 18th.

If you have never experienced the quests of Dirk the Daring, then now is your chance to do so.

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