Cheap as Chimps - 27th April 2012 | Gamerillaz

Cheap as Chimps – 27th April 2012

Cheap as Chimps – 27th April 2012

Go Ape, it’s Friday! The Gamerillaz crew have gathered around our monitors, with suggestively shaped fruits in our paws to bring you some of the best gaming deals from around the internet. This weeks choices include; metal heads, hipster tricks, online dark side adventures and extra goodies for a few pennies more.


Binary Domain; at Amazon UK

Xbox 360 – £12.85/$20.87/€15.75
PS3 – £12.85/$20.87/€15.75

Here is a game which during the build up to it’s released, had us a little bamboozled. We just couldn’t get a rope around Binary Domain, one minute we quite liked it then the next would have us rolling our eyes like an epileptic sans Oxcarbazepine. Yet when it did finally arrive we were quite pleased to find it wasn‘t just a bucket of rusty washers. This third person shooter, published by Sega sets you in a world where man and machine live in harmony. Ok, so harmony may be a bit of a stretch as a bunch of these metal faces have invaded Tokyo and as part of an international peace keeping force it is your job to give them a kick in the nuts (and bolts). As you make your way through the city your posed with the question “Are the robots becoming more human, or are humans becoming more like machines?” Deep stuff eh? With a solid enough narrative and plenty of action, this is a game that doesn’t really bring anything new to the genre but is definitely worth picking up for this price.


Nintendo Presents: Crossword Collection; at

Nintendo DS – £9.99/$16.22/€12.24

Oi Stoopid! Want to look intelligent yet technologically savvy while drinking your over priced hot cup of brown in a café? Well check this one out for the DS which lets your scribble away with your stylus as you take on some challenging word and square puzzles. The brilliant thing about the DS is that when you get distracted and start drawing rude shapes on the screen no one will notice as you can hold it like a book. Once you’ve got a copy of this all you’ll need is an ethical haircut and a t-shirt with some smug slogan on it. A winning combo which will have you beating those pseudo intellectual chicks off with your Amazon rain stick.


Star Wars: The Old Republic at
PC – £18.99/£30.84/€23.70

Still the greatest sci-fi franchise ever created or a good thing sullied by a greedy one trick pony of a man? No matter which side of the fence your on with that argument one thing is for sure and that is that Bioware’s MMO set in the Star Wars universe has been a hit with gamers and critics alike. It has given that old war horse WoW a run for it’s money as it continues to hold up on the number of subscribers it had previously gained as well as attracting new Sith and JedI want to be’s over the following months. If you’ve not dipped your toe into this latest bit of MMO goodness yet, then now’s the time as are offering a terrific price on the boxed version of the game.


Gamerillaz Top Pick Offer of The Week

GAME – Get 400 MS Points for £1.75 or £5.00 PSN Credit for £2.50 when you buy a Deal of The Week

GAME’s Deal of The Week section always has a number of titles at reasonable prices, but if your looking for a little extra nudge to treat yourself to something then this may just do it. If you purchase a game from the list which includes some big hitters like Mass Effect 3, SSX and Soul Calibur V, you can nab yourself 400 MS Points for an extra £1.75. If your a PS3 gamer an extra £2.50 will get you £5.00 worth of credits to be used on the PSN. A perfect opportunity to pick up some of that DLC or arcade titles you may have looked at but not yet purchased.

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