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Starhawk – Bring on the Single Player Campaign

Starhawk – Bring on the Single Player Campaign

Regular visitors will know that we’re big Starhawk fans in the treehouse and we’re even more excited about this PS3 exclusive title now that we know there’s more to it than the much anticipated multiplayer action that Lightbox Interactive have been pushing so far.

This latest video is a departure from previous releases and gives some background on the game’s protagonist, Emmett Graves, a hired gun who accepts a contract that brings him back to his home town. It looks like he hooks up with an ex-girlfriend and goes on a mission to kill a dude referred to as the ‘Outlaw’, (he’ll probably kill his wife and all his friends and burn his fu**ing house too à la Clint Eastwood in the Unforgiven which, by the way, is the best western ever).

The point is that he’s a bad ass who has some mixed feelings about being back on his old territory, he’s armed to the teeth with all kinds of cool weaponry and is on a mission. Unlike Warhawk, (Starhawk’s predecessor), which did not include a single player story mode.

In my humble opinion, a solid campaign is as, if not more important than an online multiplayer option so I welcome the news that Starhawk offers both single and multiplayer modes. The release date of May 8th is just around the corner so in the meantime take a look at the latest video below.

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