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Cryptic – Security Breach Goes Unnoticed For 16 Months

Cryptic – Security Breach Goes Unnoticed For 16 Months

If your going to drop a bollock make sure it’s a massive one. That has always been my guiding principle when making a mistake, mishap, cock-up or general shambles of something, but the news coming out of Cryptic Studio today goes beyond the realm of said male round objects hitting the floor into holy funking shnit!

Hacks into gamers accounts and information¬†are nothing new and have had a huge impact over the last few years. It seems that Cryptic have fallen pray to a bunch of ne’er do wells who accessed both players handles and log in details to the companies MMO titles. The jaw dropper here is that this took place in 2010 and the Californian company¬†have only just noticed.

We’ve all let things slide every once in a while, for instance I continued to feed a parrot I had for over 3 months before I relised the pile of food that had mounted up was being left by my beaked companion because he’d actually died rather than being on a diet. For a multimillion dollar game producer however this is a shocking and quite worrying state of affairs.

Cryptic have said that the delay in finding this breach is due to “increased security analysis” and that “no evidence” of a further hack outside of the details above have been found. The company is said to be introducing increased security methods to avoid any future incidences.

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