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New “Hobbit” screening : people no like

New “Hobbit” screening : people no like

Woah…it’s not the movie clip themselves that people are objecting to…it’s this new 48 fps b*****t that Peter Jackson is trying to push. If you somehow werent aware, the traditional cinematic look is 24 frames per second. If you have ever had a modern telly try to activate “motion interpolation” or similar on a film to whack it up to 30 fps you’ll have noticed the difference. It’s too clean and crisp…it makes film look like cheap video which does runs at a faster rate. The 24 fps format gives a smoother, slightly blurred feel while the higher frame rate – and clearly this new double rate – make things seem too real. “Less is more” as I’m always telling Mrs Enos.

Here’s some feedback from people who have actually seen it…

First Showing says : ” The entirety of CinemaCon has been buzzing since seeing The Hobbit about how bad, or how awkward, it looked. 48FPS is a big change, a drastic change from the 80 years of 24FPS footage, that we’re used to, and it will take a while to get into it. But I noticed problems where it seemed like movement was running at double the speed as the rest of the footage, even though it was all in sync. It was odd, even awkward, and a bit weird to see, and a bit weird to get into. But was it just unfinished, raw footage? Will it look better finished by December?”

Bad Ass Digest says : ” As the presentation started I gasped. The footage began with sweeping helicopter shots of mountains, and it was like I was floating over them myself. It looked stunning (this was also in 3D, by the way) and I truly felt like I was seeing something new, something that would redefine the theatrical experience. And then the rest of the footage played. I’ve been trying to figure out how to explain to you why this footage looked bad. First it’s worth noting that the CinemaCon honchos bragged that their projection system in that theater was the most advcanced and best ever assembled by man. That’s almost a direct quote. So the presentation would almost certainly never be better than what I saw today.

The other comparison I kept coming to, as I was watching the footage, was that it all looked like behind the scenes video. The magical illusion of cinema is stripped away completely.”

“It looked like a made-for-TV movie,” said one projectionist, who requested anonymity because of his affiliation with a competing studio. “It was too accurate — too clear. The contrast ratio isn’t there yet — everything looked either too bright or black.”

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