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Bedlam – Award Winning Writer Teams Up With Leading UK Independent Game Developers

Bedlam – Award Winning Writer Teams Up With Leading UK Independent Game Developers

If your a book reading type and like your crime novels with a dash of biting satire and more than a dollop of engrossing narrative, then you’ll have surely read the works of that leading ‘Tartan Noir’ scribe Christopher Brookmyre.

Some exciting news has come out of one of the United Kingdom’s leading independent developers, RedBedlam, as they announce that the award winning author will be teaming up with the company on a new project entitled Bedlam. Brookmyre has been working on his first novel that will see him venture into the sci-fi genre and with it’s publication date scheduled for Q1 2013, the Bedlam universe will not be limited to the written word as RedBedlam are working hand in hand with the author to produce an FPS which will be available on PC, Mac, consoles, tablets, smart phones and even in a web-browser format.

The game itself, which will include all of the humour and action that one would expect from a Brookmyre project, poses the same question as the forthcoming novel. “What would it really be like to enter the world(s) of a video game?”

Yet this is no simple amalgamation of what is seen by many as separate worlds. The novelist is indeed a gamer and will surely be bringing his passion for the FPS genre to the table as the game continues it’s development. Here is what he had to say:

“I’m a first-person-shooter veteran of more than fifteen years, and I have touched upon gaming culture in previous novels such as A Big Boy Did It And Ran Away and Pandaemonium, but I was only scraping the surface. My discussions with RedBedlam inspired me to create a story concept for both the book and the game that explores the evolution of the shooter genre and reflects upon the increasing role gaming has in people’s lives. It also affords me a platform to make lots of arcane, cheap and downright sick jokes. In essence, Bedlam has allowed me to have a crack at creating a Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy for the gamer” generation.”

This is certainly one of the most interesting and unique project’s that we’ve heard of in a while and should the gaming gods smile on the development process, Bedlam could very well have the makings of being one of next years top indie produced titles.

Bedlam by Christoper Brookmyre is to be published by Little Brown in Q1 2013, while the game of the same name is due to enter beta around the same time. You can find out more over at the official website.

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