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Sony gets Netflix in the UK and Ireland!

Sony gets Netflix in the UK and Ireland!

Yay! More Netflix for more people. Up until now poor Sony had been left out of the loop when it came to Netflix. Not any more though! From the 24th of April all Sony products capable of running apps will be able to run the big red movie and TV player – Netflix. The Xbox, Apple and PC gang have had access to this for the last few months but its nice to know that it will now be pretty much a common player across the board. For a list of Sony products capable of running Netflix just check here. Of course the PS3 is top of the list.

Anyone sitting on the fence about signing up to Netflix I say to you – ‘Get of the damn fence ya lazy ass’ – It is well cool and I must say that this very fussy Ape is rather impressed with the whole thing. I am currently catching up on one of my favourite TV shows ‘Rescue Me’ which has recently gotten more seasons added to it. I am also totally enjoying the ‘US Office’ – good stuff! There is a great selection of past movies including some classic horrors, westerns and a rake of anime films.¬† If that doesn’t tickle your pickle then just hop over here to the official site to see just what would fill your boots from their catalogue.

My only gripe is that I would like to see some more up to date stuff available like movies that are on the Sky cinema channels or even new in the video shops. If the US business model for Netflix is one to judge  by we should soon start to see these recent release selections increase with some of the more current movies up for grabs. Regardless, you will always find something on Netflix to watch and with such a low monthly payment it really is a no-brainer.

While our USA brethren have had access to all this well over a year ago, I had pined at the prospect of Netflix arriving on our shores. Now it finally has and across all platforms possible – its cheap, its cheerful and it is watchable from pretty much every device we modern earthlings possess – whats the excuse so, eh? Sign up now!


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