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Blazing Souls Accelate – Burning Up Vita and PSP

Blazing Souls Accelate – Burning Up Vita and PSP

There is nothing like a bit of handheld action. You dirty minded lot you, wash your thought tubes out with a solution of approximately 3–6% sodium hypochlorite this instant!

What I was referring to of course was Sony’s handheld platforms and just because I’m an absolute mark for all things Japanese and RPG, Blazing Souls Accelate from Rising Star Games has caughty my attention. The game places us in the role of Zero, whom has been living high on the hog the last few years as there has been plenty to keep him busy with the land in which he lives being rebuilt after The Seven Year War. All is going well until he finds a mysterious stone which is imbued with great magical power. This sets our hero on the road to find more of these mystic bricks and prevent the god of his world repopulating the land with mankind’s replacements, the Human Genomes, as the Deity believes they’ll take a better shot at the whole being alive malarkey than the previous gang of flesh bags have.

Gameplay will provide us with plenty of strategic battles that will change the world around you, as Rising Star Games attempt to immerse us further into the game every step of the way. This concept goes beyond the scars that your struggles make on the landscape however as you’ll also be able to create items and even skills as the game progresses.

With a diverse range of options available to player during encounters, combos, exhilarating action and a land filled with towns and dungeons to explore, Blazing Souls Accelate is definitely one to check out when it arrive on Vita and PSP in it’s full anime glory from the 27th April on SEN and PSP Store.

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