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The things I do for you people. Ever since the birth of Gamerillaz and its fetid ancestor Reaper Gaming I’ve been here like some kind of movie-related damage sponge and suffering some really really bad/warped movies so you dont have to. Some of the more notably f++ked ones I’ve, er, enjoyed during that time have been berserk japanese bloodbath Gurotesuku , and last year’s Balkan basketcases A Serbian Film And Life and Death of a Porno Gang. The latest example of just how far modern filmakers will go to attempt to stand out from the teeming internet-fueled media swarm is the lamentable The Bunny Game. The story is some zero-dimensional tat about a coked up strumpet who gets abducted and relentlessly abused by a bearded maniac. TBG’s selling point is that it’s almost “real”. That doesnt mean its any good though. It’s like someone gave Superhans from Peep Show a camera and a nude woman and told him to create a horror movie.

There are no professional actors involved, the main bad guy is some random trucker, the protagonist is some “performance artist” who had some kind of deliberate, continual nervous breakdown during filming…now whenever I read the words “performance art” a red flag immediately pops up. Performance artists are generally a bit disturbed, easily nude and tattooed human car crashes. Low Self Esteem Exhibitionist Weirdos would be a better term but it would probably lack some kind of credibility. So in this case the intro scene displaying this girl’s grim situation shows a close up of her being forced to gag on some guy’s horrible junk. It’s very unpleasant. She then stumbles around sticking a load of bolivian marching powder up her bugle and blowing more ugly men. This is all shot in high contrast black and white with amateurish death metal providing the soundtrack. It looks initially like some kind of conceptual student film but soon hurtles effortlessly past mere pretention into a jarring beyond-parody clusterf**k.
The girl gets kidnapped and the beardy trucker licks her armpit, slaps her about a bit, shaves her head and brands her. The amateurish death metal gives way to a droning synth soundtrack of distorted kick drums and atonal single notes. The editing becomes more and more frenzied and it unknowingly starts to mutate into an 60 minute Blue Jam sketch with a simultaneous irony and wit bypass. Technically subpar on all levels and while the participants are good at screaming and receiving abuse you could probably find equally qualified subjects in any seedy sex club / mental care facility on the planet. It’s just a strange, annoying and really, really pointless little piece which probably shouldnt have gone beyond the small circle of  tryhard pseuds responsible. This is what happens when people attempt to bypass craft in pursuit of “art” and The Bunny Game ends up containing not an atom of either. Boo! Oh yeah and its been banned by the BBFC too. Meh.
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