Gamerillaz top horror movies of all time! | Gamerillaz

Gamerillaz top horror movies of all time!

Gamerillaz top horror movies of all time!

“Inspired” by the recent time out 100 list we’ve done our own quick survey of the movies that make the gamerillaz crew whimper and bury their heads under the filthy straw in their cages…after literally minutes of furious emailing this is what came up…

Bubbles Dr Zaius Davie Kong Enos
The Omen
The Exorcist
Nightmare on Elm St.
Salems Lot
The Devil’s Advocate
The Fly
The Shining
Last House on the Left
Dawn of The Dead
The Wickerman
Don’t Look Now
A Nightmare on Elm Street
The Thing
The Exorcist
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The Devil Rides Out
Day of the dead
The Entity
American Werewolf in London
Return of the Living Dead
Interview with a vampire
Demon Knight
Phantasm 2
The Unholy
The Haunting (1963)
American Werewolf in London
Evil Dead 2
The Exorcist
Inside (l’interiour)
The Thing
The Descent

Hairyback Tones Clyde
The Watcher in the Woods
The Eye
Marley and Me
The Little Mermaid 2
Alvin & the Chipmunks
Bride Wars
Mac and Me
Anal Violation #15 : Creampie Wonders
Friday the 13th pt2
Salems lot
Dawn of the dead
Manic cop
The Gate
The Omen
The Exorcist
Event Horizon


A few very strange entries in there, what with Davie “he likes to watch” Kong’s vote for invisible rapist fantasy The Entity and Clydes love for obscure 80′s numbers like The Gate and Maniac Cop.

And surprise surprise, we’ve toed the party line and with 4 mentions The Exorcist gets the Gamerillaz gold, not-very-closely followed by American Werewolf in London, Dawn of the Dead, The Omen, Salem’s Lot, The Thing and Nightmare on Elm Street all with 2 votes. all together now….”The power of Christ compels you! THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!”

Enos says:

Army of Darkness isnt really a horror movie…and Evil Dead 2 (on my list) is pretty much a remake of the first one…

Davie Kong says:

Not one mention of the Evil Dead or Army of Darkness… Aww!

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