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America’s Got Powers – We met Jonathan Ross!

America’s Got Powers – We met Jonathan Ross!

Heroes, Heroes, Heroes… People say you should never meet your heroes. I say it all depends on who your heroes are and if you choose well then you won’t be disappointed. I have chosen very well as Jonathan Ross is probably one of, if not my top celebrity hero. He likes comics, movies, comedy and games! He has even had voice-over appearances in Halo 3 and Fable 3 among others – I feel like we have been separated at birth… ‘cept he is older, and has more hair and is probably just a little bit funnier than me – just a little though, ahem. We were lucky enough to meet him in Dublin at the Big Bang comic shop (in Dundrum) along with the fabulous artist Bryan Hitch at a signing of their comic book collaboration – America’s Got Powers.

Written by Jonathan Ross and illustrated by Bryan Hitch, ‘America’s Got Powers’ is the title of a show that features a generation of powerful teenage pups. These pubescent power-houses duke it out for top spot on the show and are celebrities in their own right as a result. Think ‘America’s/Britian’s Got Talent’ show crossed with ‘Rollerball’ or ‘Battle Royale’ all wrapped up in super-powers and you’ll start to get the gist. There is a back-story on how this all came to pass in the first place and the corruption that goes on by the string-pullers behind the scenes. We are also introduced to our protagonist, the mild-mannered underdog ‘Tommy Watts’, who appears to be the only one of his generation without these incredible abilities – appears I said…

Published by ‘Image Comics’ and nicely penned with a story that, so far, seems to have an edge that is a little different to the normal superhero saga, due in part to its parallel with today’s talent shows. We have only read issue one but it has definitely peaked our interest and we intend to get all six issues that are due for release. I cant help thinking that they could make a nice little arcade game of this, something along the lines of ‘Speedball’ meets ‘Jetpack’ with lots of killer robots and then flog it on the PSN and XBLA platform. I want a cut if that happens – it’s my idea dammit!!

Check out the picture above with ‘yours truly’ in the middle, what you won’t see is how I pee’d by britches afterwards with the glee of meeting the great ‘Wossy’ and the talented Hitch. I have met a few famous types in my monkey years, I nearly knocked over the actor Stephen Rea once by accident and I’ll not mention what happened with Pierce Brosnan – shaken and not stirred is right – yikes! With that in mind I must say that Johnny Ross is one of the nicest celebs I have ever met, very cool dude with the patience of a saint. It was an absolute pleasure to let him shake my hand! Next time I’ll let him buy me a Guinness!



I’d hate to see what would happen if you met an actual hero… and not someone who makes jokes and interviews people on the telly. *sigh* …And what IS wrong with your face?

Enos says:

whats wrong with your face?

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