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Ghost Recon : Future Soldier – BETA Tutorial – How to Kill!

Ghost Recon : Future Soldier – BETA Tutorial – How to Kill!

Calm down, I know you have all been waiting for a while to get your hands on this Beta for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and those of you lucky enough to qualify for this access must be giddy with excitement. Like all things in life it is good to calm down and relax before you get your grubby hands on to something you just couldn’t wait to abuse. Otherwise you might ‘Peak’ too early and make a mess… if you catch my drift. Well to help you avoid such embarrassing situations Ubisoft have laid on the trailers below so that you can be schooled in the ways of killing and avoid any misunderstandings.

If you would like to get your hands on this multi-player beta then you will either have to own a copy of Splinter Cell Conviction, have a pre-order of the game, or hold a developer hostage until you get access… well maybe not the latter. There are however some of you out there that qualify and you can see if among the privileged here at Ubisofts site. The rest of you will just have to wait patiently and try not to ‘Peak’ with anticipation – If you cant hold back then I suggest you have some tissues handy. Now, I’m off to kill a few ghosts – you could say that I am going ‘Ghost busting’. Sorry, I just cant help it.


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