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Time Out’s 100 best horror films

Time Out’s 100 best horror films

Everyone loves lists right? We’re all partial to a bit of horror on GZ and theres a few names that would probably crop up on all our lists…probably a fetid cocktail of Raimi, Romero and Carpenter I’ll guess. And this list is pretty good..just a shame that only one of the top 20 was created in the last 2 decades! Pull the finger out modern film-makers, bloody hell! Anyway heres that top twenty, pop over here for the full enchilada.

20 The Omen Satanic ankle biter and a quality score…still creepy today! Spawned a few nasty but inferior sequels

19 Evil Dead 2 (bone fide classic, and by a mile the best thing Sam Raimi has ever done. Worth it just for the insanely creative camera work, and Bruce Campbell’s deranged Jim Carrey/Clint Eastwood hybrid should have made him a big star. Strangely that didnt happen)

18 Audition Takashi Miikes deeply unsettling torture flick, starring some piano wire and a very unlucky mans foot.

17 The Haunting. Infinitely scarier than the awful cgi-riddled remake.

16 An American Werewolf in London. A personal favourite, scary funny and sad. No one involved has done anything comparable before or since. Beware the moon! This should be on every top ten list.

15 Carrie Stephen King’s Menstruating telekenetic mentalist. Contains nude schoolgirls and the second best “jump” moment in horror history.

14 The Innocents. Er…havent seen this one. Its…old and that.

13 Night of the Living Dead Despite remakes, bad acting and the current swarm of legacy-befouling zombies that are bursting forth from every media orifice….still a subversive classic. A shame that George Romero didnt know when to quit. Leave it George!

12 Dont Look Now. Film students favourite, they rave about Nicolas Roeg’s use of colour and composition while the rest of us just remember Julie Christie in the nude.

11 Jaws. Watched this last weekend. Still brilliant in every conceivable way. Look out for making-of documentary The Shark is Still Working coming soon on the Bluray edition. Contains the best jump in cinema history. Boat. Head. Arrrgh.

10 Dawn of the Dead Sequel to NOTLD has actually dated worse, but who hasnt fantasised about barricading themselves in a giant shopping mall against hordes of shuffling cadavers? Remake was pretty good too, although seeing Phil from Modern Family is a jolt.

09 Suspiria Dario Argento’s arty horror.Not a huge fan myself…but maybe I’m wrong and everyone else is right. That happens very rarely.

08 Halloween. The slasher movie is born, midwifed by John Carpenter and an unstoppable golem in a William Shatner mask.

07 Rosemarys Baby. Another one I’m not sure of myself…always thought Roman Polanski was a overrated bellend.

06 The Thing. A classic, which was actually a bit of a failure at the time…everyone was still in a fuzzy mood after ET and didnt take kindly to extraterrestrials of a slightly less benevolent nature.

05 Alien. Cant say much here, cinematic gold dust. Let’s hope Prometheus doesnt let the side down.

04. Psycho. Shower scene. And other stuff. Havent seen this in about 20 years…

03 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. If you havent seen this of late – genuinely weird film, with a uniquely “off” feel that will probably never be replicated.

02 The Shining. Here’s Johnny! A completely separate entity from Stephen King’s original novel. He made his own version in the 90′s, it was arse.

01 The Exorcist Mark Kermode’s favourite movie of all time. Either you’ll find it genuinely unsettling, or laughable. The creepy almost subliminal “demon face” haunted me for years.

Check out the full list over here

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