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Thief 4 – Much More Than Stealth

Thief 4 – Much More Than Stealth

There are some games you know are being made, yet it is often impossible to pin down just what is happening with them. The 4th game in much loved Thief franchise falls into this shadowy category. We have know since 2009 that the game has been in development, yet little has been heard since. Our Great Ape Davie Kong weeps at the very mention of this title and we actually have a snippet of news that should sooth his jangled nerves as well as all of you who have been waiting for this title.

Stephane D’Astous Eidos’ general manager, has said that the follow up to 2004′s Deadly Shadows is still being developed and when it does arrive gamers will find additional facets along side the traditional stealth elements which are expected from a Thief game. Here is what she had to say:

“We have more international staff working on Thief, which brings a great flavour to the game. There are a lot of challenges to bringing back a great cult IP, but we consider it like a new IP and we are going to respect the spirit of the franchise like we did with Deus Ex”

“Deus Ex was the kick-start of this new series of great games, and Thief will be part of that, and Thief will be part of that. We don’t want to deliver the same each time. Our mandate is to bring new stuff to the table; games that we’ll be talking about for years.”

All of which we think sounds very promising and we’ll be sure to keep you up to date with all the latest Thief news as it appears.

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