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God of War: Ascension – All Hail the New God!

God of War: Ascension – All Hail the New God!

Kratos is back! It is time to get out your hack and slash abilities once again and renew those calluses on your thumbs as you take control of our favourite baldy deity in God of War: Ascension. This forth game in the God Of War series appears to be a prequel that goes back to the time when Kratos throws his toys out of the pram and defies the Gods in a quest for freedom before he became something of a divine serial killer. No release date on this just yet but PS3 owners can look forward to lots more blood and guts action in what is said to be the most ambitious God Of War game yet from Sony Santa Monica Studios. Check out the trailer below for just a taste of the deep and smoldering vibe that will fuel our scantly clad hero on his never ending path of deliverance.

Personally, if I had all the power of a god I would use it lure pretty female monkeys back to my millionaires tree house and have twenty-four-seven banana decarie parties, then I would retire to my gold plated cloud in the sky for a quick nap before doing it all over again. I might also buy some pants. Thankfully, Kratos is not like me.

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