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Trials Evolution – Bringing Some ‘Flair’ To The 360

Trials Evolution – Bringing Some ‘Flair’ To The 360

There is plenty of things I never learned to do as I child; appreciate Pop Music, swim, catch a ball, but the one that has really has left a mark on me was not learning how to ride a bike. Not that my parents didn’t try to teach me. My Dad did the usual thing of “keep peddling, I won’t let go…” but I knew better. When the lying fecker was moments away from doing so I’d slam my feet to the ground, for I knew that as soon as he did launch me forwards I was going to be seconds away from being bundled into the car for a day out in A&E. Plus this was back in the days before all children wore body armour before they left the house, like they do today.

Thankfully, every time I need a biking fix the good folks at Ubisoft and RedLynx have got me covered as the follow up to Trials HD arrives on Xbox 360. Trials Evolution promises to build on the success of the previous game which saw millions of us trying to perfect our stunt bike skills over a plethora of different courses filled with plenty of challenges for both your thumbs and your brain.

Trials Evolution is kicking the doors of the warehouse off it’s hinges as the game races forth into a an open world setting filled with stunning vistas. For the very reasonable sum of 1200 MS points you’ll have tons of content to explore including all-new single player tracks and mini games, real-time multi-player both live and online, and extensive editing tools.

An impressive editing system will allow you to build tracks with the same pieces of kit used by the dev’s to create the game offering yet more gaming opportunities, while the multi-player elements will let hook up with friends across the world or right next to you on the coach as you challenge each other in some high octane racing action. These are but a small taster of what this title has to offer and you’d be a fool to miss out on what is sure to be one of the best XBLA games to be release this year.

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