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Game of Thrones – Season 2 so far…

Game of Thrones – Season 2 so far…

Everyone knows how slowly Game of Thrones kicked off. The first 3 or 4 episodes of the first season were glacially paced but there was an entire world and multiple family hierarchies to introduce…we allowed it that luxury. It started to gather pace half way through and ultimately packed in some of the biggest shock moments in recent TV history. The “Nah, they wont. Hang on…they have!” decapticution of Sean Bean, the “One Flew Over the Cookoo’s Nest” style demise of “Karl” Drogo, and of course the dragontastic finale. It was a masterful build up and left everyone slavering for more. Now the second series has kicked off and…it’s just been a bit dull so far.

The alpha male presence of Ned Stark and Drogo has been badly missed…a load more less interesting characters have been heaved onto the creaking edifice that is the Game of Thrones geneology and it’s f**king confusing. Every episode has to deal with at least a dozen individuals or groups of protagonists which means they get max 4-5 minutes of screen time each, if you arent watching like a hawk you will be asking questions like “Who is that?” “Why is that person doing that?” “Why are those babies being stabbed” etc. It’s good to have a show where the viewer isnt spoon fed narrative but come on. I really pity the poor drone who has the thankless task of editing the pre-credits “previously on Game of Thrones” bit, it’s just a blur of beards and shouting, it must be like herding cats.

I was so impressed by the second half of the first season that I’m probably going to keep watching but I’ve just finished episode three where there is literally 2 minutes of action at the very end and that was it, apart from some nudity and queen-baffling subterfuge. That’s nearly three hours of pretty much nothing other than huge narrative blocks slowly being hauled laboriously into place…if a movie had wasted 160 minutes of my time the way the second season of GoT has I’d slaughter it. We still havent seen anything but a glimpse of the White Walkers (except a possible almost-subliminal flash of blue at the end of episode 2)…maybe this is all GRR Martin fault, the salad dodging genius that he is, but television is a visual medium and we need more than endless muttered conspiracies and loaded conversations with the odd stabbing or brothel scene thrown in every half hour. I’m giving it one more episode to pull the finger out and then its amazingly going to be relegated from Must-See tv to Will Watch if I’m Arsed. Hurry up Winter!

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