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EverQuest 2 – New Skyshrine Trailer

EverQuest 2 – New Skyshrine Trailer

One for all of your EverQuest 2 fans as a new Trailer has arrived for Update 63, which will add varying levels of new content depending on your subscription status and what expansion packs you already own.

So here’s how it breaks down;

  • If you do not have the recent premium add ons this update will provide you with the citadel of Skyshrine and Withered Lands areas.
  • If you do have Destiny of Velious, you find your level cap bumped up to 92. You’ll also be able to nab yourself a Drake mount, explore a new area which boasts over 100 new quests, experience new tradeskill quests and new solo, small groups, and raid content for end game.
  • Those amongst you that own Age of Discovery will receive Poet’s Palace Dungeon Maker theme and items, a new Dungeon Maker; explore Tradeskill apprentices with new recipes; tame new Beastlord creatures and team up with new mercenaries.

So, pretty much something for everyone. Wet your dragon beak (dragons have beaks, right? Or is it bills?) further by checking out the new trailer below.

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