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Halo 4 – Launch Date – November 6th!

Halo 4 – Launch Date – November 6th!

The Chief is back! We all knew Halo 4 was coming, we just did not know when exactly – now we do! Halo 4 will hit the ground for Xbox 360 on November 6th, 2012 – globally! Building upon the legendary Master Chief saga and adding to the general lore of the Spartans that was touched on by Halo Reach, Halo 4 promises to expand the history and life story of both in this new trilogy that will span a decade. That’s right – a decade – that means 10 years for you dummies out there. In other words we will be continuing on from Halo 3 till we get to Halo 6. That’s a whole load of Spartan! Of course Bungie are no longer running the show, 343 Industries have full control now, hopefully they will do as good a job as their mighty predecessors did. Its a hard act to follow but the outcome is looking pretty good so far.

The Chief is going to be more super with some new gadgets and toys and Cortana has just gotten a lot hotter looking too, it is amazing what a few years of cryo-sleep can do, eh. Set four years after Halo 3 the chief is said to ‘confront his destiny and face an ancient evil that threatens the fate of the entire universe‘. Ooh, sounds serious! Lots of new multi-player maps will be involved and lots of DLC no doubt so if your Halo skillz are a bit rusty it is time to sharpen them up.

This new addition is also great news for the likes of Roosterteeth, one of our favourite gaming funny guys in the industry. They will no doubt get to continue their Red V’s Blue series – that in itself justifies a new Halo game. Check out the guys in action below as they announce Halo 4 – Long live the Chief and long live funny Internet people! And Donuts, I like them too.


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