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Prototype 2 Film – The Power of Revenge

Prototype 2 Film – The Power of Revenge

It is amazing the power that a good game trailer has. I have been looking forward to once again bursting blood vessels and transforming into a lethal Hulk like blob in the new Prototype but I cant say that I was so excited as to mutate my groin into a sign of arousal… now I think I am! I love these live action trailers, yes it is important to see some good old in game footage but in order to build an atmosphere and a sense of narrative nothing beats some good old fashioned actors on film. It also helps when you have a cracking soundtrack to up the ante and Johnny Cash’s (via Nine Inch Nails) ‘Hurt’ does the job very nicely. The power of a song like this mixed with some pleasant visuals is a total winner in my book. Prototype 2 is due soon on April 24th for Xbox and PS3, till then I shall stop prattling on and let you enjoy the trailer below, enjoy! Ewww – I just got all gooey…


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