Cheap as Chimps - 13th April 2012 | Gamerillaz

Cheap as Chimps – 13th April 2012

Cheap as Chimps – 13th April 2012

Happy Day of the Fri to one and all. As the weekend pokes it’s head around the clock on the wall it’s time to bring you this weeks best gaming prices from around the internet. This weeks choices include, towers, facial hair, hoodoo-voodoo and retro gaming for the PC.


Pandora’s Tower; at

Wii – £29.89/$47.66/€36.28

I never thought I’d say it, but I’ve actually found a use for the Wii aside from it being a good doorstop. You have to give Nintendo credit for making their console the platform of choice for those of us who like our RPG’s with a little eastern flavour. Like sushi made with swordfish. Sword-fish, get it? Jesus, I’m wasted on you lot, anyway Pandora’s Tower is your pretty standard affair with a damsel to rescue before she goes all monster-y and demons o’ plenty to kill. Where the game really shines however is in the boss battles which will certainly test your mind and your metal.


WarioWare: D.I.Y; at Amazon UK

DS – £13.99/$22.22/€16.98

Wario has always struck me as a massive pervert, I mean just look at the guy’s game titles; Touched!, DIY, Sex Shop Platform Jumpy Jumpy Much For Fun, although I think the latter was a Japanese exclusive release if I remember right. We’re looking at DIY for the DS today which is a collection of over 90 mini games involving the tash sporting beast whom has haunt Mario’s footsteps for years. As well as the pre-made games this release features a builder for you to create and share your creations with friends and can be linked up to the Wii. Think of it as LittleBigPlanet but with seedy undertones.


Voodoo Whisper: Curse of a Legend; at Amazon UK

PC- £5.00/$7.95/€6.07

Facebook is a deadly time thief. I’m not talking about the “LOL Iv just bort lentils, Im krazy me LMAO” mob who spend their entire day sharing every tiny detail of their pitiful, stinking existence, but rather the games. I’ve spent hours cutting down virtual trees and shooting coloured balls out of frogs face holes, but the ones that really stop me from working are the “spot hidden objects” puzzlers. Voodoo Whisper provides plenty for the keen eyed object searcher while also providing a compelling narrative set in the creepy city of Nau-aw-lens (that’s New Orleans for all you non-Creole types) and is well worth picking up if you’re a fan of these types of brain teasers.


Gamerillaz Top Pick Offer of The Week – Interplay Sale

Fancy some PC classics this weekend? Then get yourself over to where those kings of “good old games” are bringing you 50% off on Interplay titles. There are some truly belting releases from yesteryear on offer including the very bloody for it’s day Kingpin, the first Fallout titles for a tiny $2.99 each and a whole lot more. Remember all downloads from GoG are DRM free so fill your boots now!

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