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Skyrim – Kinect Voice Command

Skyrim – Kinect Voice Command

Skyrim just got better – try not to pee your Dragon Armor too much, it will get smelly, and it leaks. Kinect is now a part of Skyrim and man does it look good. There’s none of that jumpy around malarkey, I mean who want to swing swords or launch fireballs for over a hundred hours of gameplay? No, Bethesda have wisely gone for a voice control in their upcoming update. Just check out the video below to see some of the commands at work and then go to elocution classes so you can properly pronounce all the the Dragon Shouts. You can also control your donkey partner in crime/adventure which is extremely handy. I just hope you can stop them running off like a retarded St Bernard every time a mud crab appears. Change weapons and loot bodies all done through the power of voice. You will have 200 voice commands at your disposal to control all menu and map choices plus you can also hot-key items to voice controls – just watch the video. It is said that there might also be new adventures and other bits to go with all of this – good news indeed! No date on when this will be released just yet but you can bet your Dwarven dagger that we will let you know ASAP – we think it will be quite soon though.

I have been saying since Kinect was just a baby called ‘Natal’ that this was the way to approach hard core style games. It only took the experts a few years to catch up, but with Mass Effect 3, Ghost Recon FS and now Skyrim doing it – I feel like a bit of a prophet/genius (just let me believe it for a second or two eh) – stop Boo’ing, your just jealous. Hopefully we will see more of this type of integration in the future, even to the point where we can have conversations with NPC’s without the scripting. For now, I am looking forward to telling all the chicks of Skyrim to get their furry kits off and to shake that sweet ass! Oh, that’s not one of the commands? Why the hell not!? I think I just got another clever idea… its set in a Skyrim stripclub called – The Rim Inn!


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