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Warhammer: Dark Millenium – MMO Becomes Single Player Title

Warhammer: Dark Millenium – MMO Becomes Single Player Title

Boo, hiss! We were quite looking forward to THQ’s MMO based upon the Warhammer 40K licence, yet alas like so many other cool sounding MMO titles that have been in development over the years it was not to be as the company has confirmed that development has ceased.

THQ have not had the best of times of it over the last few months with falling revenues and the company faced with making a number of staff redundant, so it is hardly surprising that Dark Millenium as an online game has been given the boot. There is some good news however for fans of burly chaps in space armour as the Dark Millenium project will continue as a single player game with multiplayer options.

Big boss Danny Bilson, had a bit of a gab with Ripten recently about how the game mechanics that had previously been developed with an MMO in mind are being used for the single player outing;

“In particular, the shooting mechanics are real-time, not turn-based. The content is absolutely incredible, and any time anyone ever had any doubts about it, all I had to do was bring them into the room and show them progress on the game. So there’s a tremendous amount of content that was built.”

Earlier in the year we had reported that THQ had been seeking an outside source to invest in the games development but Bilson said the company had been unable to find any investors to come on board due to companies not wanting to invest in MMO’s based on a subscription model. He went on to say;

“That game is still sitting with the people who invented it five years ago, and honestly, they are incredibly excited about the new direction. That is the absolute truth, and when we announce it, and you speak to them, they’ll be able to tell you themselves.”

“If you liked Space Marine, you’re gonna love this thing. It’s much deeper.”

We did indeed like Space Marine, although it did have it faults and was not as in depth as we would have hoped. We’d certainly be interested in this release if it is able to give player a more engaging experience of the Games Workshop world.

Warhammer: Dark Millennium is pencilled in for release on May 13th 2013.

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