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Hitman: Absolution – Professional Edition Detailed

Hitman: Absolution – Professional Edition Detailed

Another special edition release has been detailed and this time it’s the new addition to the long running Hitman series. Absolution is due to arrive later this year and for those of you wishing to get the full bald bad-ass experience you’ll definitely want to take a look at what the newly unveiled Professional Edition has to offer.

Should you stump up for this version you’ll find your copy of the game comes encased in a ‘clamshell box’ and you’ll also receive a hardback art book, a ‘making of’ DVD and some in game fire power.

The weapon DLC will include the Agency Jagd P22G, a modern top tier pistol, the Agency HX UMP, a high-caliber SMG, and the Agency SPS 12, a semi-automatic shotgun.

Various stores are now accepting pre-orders for Hitman: Absolution, so head over to stockist of choice now. Or later. Whenever you get a chance. See if I care.

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