Commodore Founder Jack Tramiel Dies Aged 83 | Gamerillaz

Commodore Founder Jack Tramiel Dies Aged 83

Commodore Founder Jack Tramiel Dies Aged 83

There is a still an attitude towards gaming that sees the industry, it’s products and indeed it’s fan-base as transient. Although our world of game out sells virtually every other form of entertainment the mainstream media still cocks a snoot at us whenever they can, thus it is hardly surprising that so many of the biggest news organisations have failed to honour the life of Jack Tramiel, who died at the weekend.

Tramiel founded Commodore back in 1954 and would later go on to produce the magnificent Commodore 64 and Commodore Amiga machines. By 1984 Jack had bought Atari and a year later shipped the Atari ST to gamers around the world. He would remain at the helm of the company until 1998 when Hasbro purchased the business.

This was a man who had an extraordinary life. Born into a Jewish family in Poland and endured the horrors of Nazi concentration camps before leaving for the United States at the end of the war. In 1993 Jack co-founded the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Even if your to young to remember the likes of the C64 or the Atari ST, this man helped to created the bedrock of what consoles are today and helped our pastime take a massive leap forward. On a personal note I know for a fact that without Jack Tramiel, not only would I have a huge void in my life but I would have never been able to earn my daily corn as a gaming hack. His creations made my childhood and my life today all the brighter.

Thanks for the memories Jack.


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