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Cheap as Chimps – 5th April 2012

Cheap as Chimps – 5th April 2012

We’re bringing you this weeks Cheap as Chimps a day early with the Easter Break almost upon us. That’s right folks a long weekend filled with chocolate, hot cross buns and gaming. Nice one Jesus! Very thoughtful of you. This weeks gaming offers include dragons, saints, sheep and pre owned swag. Happy Easter.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim; at Amazon UK

Xbox 360 – £27.91/$44.30/€33.77
PS3 – £27.91/$44.30/€33.77
PC – £21.47/$34.07/€25.98

These long weekends are the perfect opportunity to get your teeth into some Elder Scrolls action and if your yet to pick up your copy of last years RPG hit, this is a dang good price. With hours, upon hours of gaming on offer, breath taking landscapes and a very pleasing narrative you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t pick up a copy. With all that money your saving you could even take a trip down the high street and have the local Blacksmith craft you a nice new helmet to wear while you’re playing. What do you mean there are no Blacksmith left on the high street? This bloody recession eh? Tut.


Saints Row: The Third; at Tesco

Xbox 360 – £21.91/$34.72/€26.55
PS3 – £21.91/$34.72/€26.55

Another sandbox for you to play in that will cover more than enough of your weekend to get to grips with. The third title in the Saints Row series is a daft as ever and will provide your with tons of action and plenty of laughs, as the street gang face a new foe in the form of a the Syndicate. This is the only game on this weeks list which boasts massive sex toys, which I find are integral to a good Easter holiday.


Timmy Time; at Amazon UK

3DS – £9.99/$15.81/€12.12

Easter egg’s are a swizz. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m all for thin crispy chocolate, it’s just the price of the soding things. I’ve spent most of my wage packet this week on these over priced ovals for the broods of my siblings and quite frankly think they would have been better off with a game to keep the occupied. If your thinking a long the same lines as me (and if you do think like me then seriously suggest you see a physician as soon as possible) then you may wish to check this one out for the little people in your life. It fun, colourful and should keep them quite for a bit if nothing else.


Gamerillaz Top Pick Offer of The Week

Pre-Owned Offers at GameStop

So, now we’ve all spent our money on eggs and other spring festival nonsense the gaming fund is looking a little depleted at the moment. Worry not, GameStop have you covered. There are some good offers on pre-owned titles and there is plenty to choose from. Plus it’s three for the price of two at the moment, so make sure you stop by and check out what’s available.

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