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Fable: The Journey – Box Art

Fable: The Journey – Box Art

I don’t no about you lot, but I like a box art reveal. It’s probably because my brain is still hardwired to the days when I’d spend hour in independent stores groping at games. Or that I get easily distracted by anything that’s shiny or has pretty colours.

I like the Fable titles, yet I know their are those of you who really don’t and being fair I can understand why sometimes. They are certainly not perfect and matters are never helped by Sir Peter of Bullfrog opening his hype hole and telling us that the latest title in the series will be the most total and radical thing we’ve ever seen. Which of course they never are, but that’s Molyneux for you. Yet I’m afraid that Fable: The Journey has me firmly in the detractors camp, I may even be a ‘hater’ when it comes to this one. For a kick off it’s on Kinect which I view as the most pointless gaming accessory anyone can own, unless your a four year old child whom is hepped up on sugar and wonder. Secondly, they have taken my melee away and when you stop me from hitting things with clubs I tend to get a bit cranky.

Kinect hasn’t had much love this week with it’s latest big title Star Wars: Kinect doing little more than sodomizing the childhood memories of all of us of a certain age and I really don’t think that Lionhead’s RPG is going to do anything to improve the fortunes Microsoft’s arm waving controller.

Still the box is nice…

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