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PS Vita – Your Questions Answered

PS Vita – Your Questions Answered

Shuhei Yoshida is president of SCE Worldwide Studios and he’s also a huge fan of Gamerillaz. Therefore we know that he’s a capable guy and also that he has excellent taste.

He recently did a Q&A on the Vita so click here for all the details but if you’re in a rush here’s a summary of his main points.

  • Tablets won’t compete with the Vita because the dual analog sticks and action buttons make it far superior in terms of gaming.
  • We can expect a lot of new titles such as Gravity Rush that will be exclusive to the Vita i.e. we won’t just be getting watered down versions of console games.
  • Developers will aim to design games that take full advantage of its unique features, especially the rear touch pad.
  • The “near” service , (which uses the web and GPS to connect to gamers in the same vicinity), will bring social gaming to a local community making it more personal and potentially more addictive.

I just got one and it looks awesome so you’ll be hearing more from me about this little hand held beast. In the meantime take a look at the release video for Gravity Rush. It uses the Vita features in some very imaginative ways and I agree with Shuhei, there’s no way a tablet could deliver this.

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