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Spartacus : Vengeance Season Review

Spartacus : Vengeance Season Review


As we approach our last fix of spurting jugulars and sweaty men frowning its time to do a quick summing up of this season’s Spartacus. The “new” spartacus has had big shoes to fill, and, despite his weedy physique, Steven Gerrard haircut and sub-Sam Worthington features he’s done alright. The season itself has had a few difficulties with the more open stage and the departure of, not only Andy Whitfield but John Hannah leaving a big, shouty thespian-shaped gap behind. Of the survivors, only Lucretia and Ashur can really act, so thankfully there’s been plenty of outrageous violence and hilariously gratuitious nudity to keep the plates spinning.
The new main bad guy is Glaber, whose dead-eyed malevolence is adequate but the trinity of hot scheming females under his roof are probably more interesting. His habit of constantly getting his bottom out and/or hanging dong is also a distraction. Ashur and his mercenary gang have added a little colour to the usual mobs of anti-spartacus sword-fodder and The Egyptian is particular is a memorable and seemingly unkillable presence. Spartacus and his rebels have actually been the least interesting part of the new series, probably because all the main alpha males have been herded into one small stone building where they spend a lot of time staring at each other, drinking or singing “My Cock Rages On” (or in Agron’s case, getting his end away with small beardless syrians) Poor old Crixus has the worst of it, as he manages to find his lover Nivea only to find she has mutated into a goggle-eyed interloper. He then spends the rest of the series being shorter than everyone else and looking a bit depressed while the new Nivea generally gives him a hard time and doesnt even have the decency to get nude.
The show does benefit from a charisma injection midway with the return of Gannicus from the Gods of The Arena prologue series…He might be a bestubbled shortarse with a weird stoner voice but he’s got style damn it. Overall, the season’s wobbled a bit with its enforced cast changes and a few too many “hero” characters vying for screen time but it’s still the best thing on TV by a absolute mile. Every episode packs in loads of story, ludicrous dialogue, and more extreme gore than a dozen slasher movies combined. I favour it greatly…long may Spartacus continue to ram c**k in the ass of good taste.
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