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GAME – Doors Close.

GAME – Doors Close.

We knew it was coming – Many stores across the UK and Ireland have shut up shop – that’s right, as of yesterday afternoon there is a good chance your local GAME has been shut down. All 14 stores in Ireland are gone with closures of all 13 stores in Northern Ireland to follow shortly. Many are closing across the UK also, totaling in 277 shops being axed and over 2,000 jobs being lost. There are however a remaining 333 stores still open across the World so you just might be lucky enough to still have one open near you now – but not for long. The Administrators are trying to find an investor for the remains of the GAME company but it is not looking good. If none can be found then the remaining shops will also get the chop leaving a further 2,800 plus people out of a job with nothing to do but go home and play a game – the irony. Some employees in the effected stores are understandably angry as they got no proper notice and no compensation for the quick closure and many are threatening to stage ‘sit in’ protests. There have been rumours that the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) were interested in taking up the remains, also the usual suspects Game Stop were said to be considering the proposals but so far no one has actually signed on the dotted line. As far as customers are concerned, the remaining stores open will no longer sell gift cards or take pre orders understandably and are unlikely to stock any new titles. It has been rumored that they are no longer honoring previously bought gift or reward cards either – which is very bad if true and probably illegal! Its a sad affair all in all and a sign of the times we live in – thank the bankers eh!?

This Monkey reckons that they will go pop and GAME wont survive while other gaming suppliers might just face a similar fate in the not too distant future… perhaps it is part of the evolution on the road to a data only society, perhaps it is being puppeteered by the new world order council and is all a huge conspiracy against the gamers, or perhaps people are just tired of paying high prices for crap service when they can get it elsewhere cheaper without putting up with an attitude. I remember a few years back swearing I would never set foot in a particular GAME store that I used to get all my stuff in because the stuck up bitch behind the counter flatly refused to exchange a game I bought that was faulty and so I never did go back. Multiply that or similar such events by a few thousad and Karma comes back to bite you ass. Just saying…

Source: RTE News

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