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Starhawk – Open Beta Begins

Starhawk – Open Beta Begins


Finally someone cares about what we gamers think. The good people at Sony Santa Monica and Lightbox Interactive have released the beta version of their latest title and they want our feedback. A general invitation to all Playstation Network users has been issued so anyone can download the beta version and get involved. It’s rare that developers ask gamers for their opinions so please take this opportunity to provide feedback and maybe this will encourage other producers to do the same. (Maybe Halo ODST would never have been the colossal disappointment that it was if Bungie had asked what we thought of an early version of it).

The beta version currently available looks great and I’ve pretty much already decided to get the final version when it’s released in May 2012. It’s a third person shooter with a difference. Instead of finding weapons upgrades and vehicles scattered around the landscape, you call on an orbiting ship to beam down all kinds of items things that come in handy while shooting your way through the lawless frontier of space.

If you’re feeling defensive then build a wall and some automatic gun turrets to keep the enemy at bay. If you feel like going on the move build a Sidewinder Jetbike, (like the contraptions the storm troopers raced through the forest in Return of the Jedi). If you’re like me and you want to blow s**t up then build an Ox-Tank that will provide some heavy firepower. For some real fun build a Hawk which doubles as a ground attack vehicle and an assault aircraft.

The vehicles along with pretty good third person shooter action create a fast paced shooter that will really impress. However, you need to provide feedback in order to make it even better. My comments are that the trooper controls need to be more responsive and that the guns need to be bigger, (but I say that about the guns in every game).

Check out the video below which gives a good indication of the gameplay and please go to the Starhawk Beta Forum and provide responsible feedback so this potentially awesome title can be made even better.

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