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Cheap as Chmips – 23rd March 2012

Cheap as Chmips – 23rd March 2012

The weekend will soon be upon us like big blanket made of joy and flowers… I have no idea what that means… It’s been a long week. So, before my brain finally gives up the ghost, we’re bringing you this weeks best gaming deals from around the internet. This weeks offerings include; Zomboos, men in underwear, a Japanese storybook and a solid trade in platform.


Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City; at

Xbox 360 – £37.99/$60.16/€45.46
PS3 – £37.99/$60.16/€45.46

In each edition of Chip as Chimps we find you the best price we can on the biggest blockbuster of the week and this time around it’s the new Resident Evil. All you keen eyed gamers will already be ahead of what I’m about to say about this game and next weeks releases are looking a lot better than those out today. Yes that’s right, I’m starting this weeks article by saying read next weeks. So what about Operation Raccoon City then? On paper it sounds brilliant, set during the events of RE 2 and RE 3 and filled with ‘what if’ scenarios all against a backdrop of zomboo hell breaking loose. In reality this is a stinker. Early reviews paint a picture of a release that is more bug infested than a $5 hookers panties and which dumbs down the importance of events in the much loved survival horrors series cannon. If you really don’t want to wait for the inevitable price drop which will surely not be to far away, then you’ll find the best price at, but we’d recommend you hold off until there has been some serious patching done to this disappointing release.


WWE: All Stars; at Amazon UK

Xbox 360 – $14.69/$22.91/€17.57

I’ve never been a great sleeper and with just about everything else it has gotten worse with age. It maybe that the four pints of energy drink I pour down my tubes at the start of the day or the shocking amount of coffee we manage to get through in the Gamerillaz office which is keeping me awake, but the fact I have one of those heads that just won’t shut up is more likely the reason. I can combat it however, normally the History or Discovery channels help. Get yourself a soothing voice over talking about Nazi Blitzkrieg or a group of Americans buying up the condense of storage units and eventually I drift off to the land of nod. Lately I found a new method and that is watching wrestling stars of yesteryear talk about their industry in a round table discussion. The program is called WWE Legends of Wrestling if your interested. WWE: All Stars lets ancients like me relive the heady days when Randy Savage and The Warrior were at the top of their game. For all you whippersnappers out there, you’ll also have plenty of people I’ve never heard of but I’m sure are your heroes and you can now battle it out to find just who is truly the best of the best.


Valkyria Chronicles; at

PS3 – £12.20/$19.32/€14.59

I’d put money on the fact you’ll not have played anything like this before. On the surface of things you can sum this title up as a JRPG. Yet it’s more than that and those of you whom prefer a game which give you non-stop action and find that story often gets in the way, your not going to like this all that much. Gameplay is stretched across a number of chapters in a book and most of those chapters don’t actually involve anything more than watching the tale of a grand war develop. When you do actually get the chance to involve yourself in the action, what you have is a turn based tactical combat game which is genuinely refreshing and enjoyable. If you’re a JRPG fan you’ll like this or if not but your looking for something different we highly recommend Valkyria Chronicles if your looking for a slower paced more thoughtful game.


Gamerillaz Top Pick Offer of The Week

Amazon Trade In

Not so much a money saving offer this week, rather a look at the trade in market. I’m a lucky monkey as Mrs Zaius is a harden gamer, yet she still gives me the ol’ skunk-eye every once in a while when the postman turns up with a arm full of ‘retro’ titles I have bagged off of Ebay. Even gaming hoarders such as I have to cull some of their collection every once in a while, but more often than not we find that we’re not exactly getting a fair shake when it comes to getting cash back on our traded in titles. After much discussion within the Treehouse on who offers the best trade in prices, we had a look at Amazon and were pleasantly surprised. We’ve entered a few titles into the website and have been very surprised by the very reasonable prices we were offered. So, next time your looking to get rid some of your collection, make sure you check out what Amazon can offer you.

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