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Tex Murphy Kickstarter Project is Coming!

Tex Murphy Kickstarter Project is Coming!

FMV games were brilliant and if you don’t agree, quite frankly your wrong. I could call you a bunch of foul names and question your validity as a human being for disagreeing, but we’ll just say your wrong. I’m not saying they were perfect by any means, most of the titles were piss poor with ham acting and really bad story-lines being the order of the day. I’m looking at you Night Trap. Yet games like the 7th Guest and the Tex Murphy titles are still classics in my book and I for one am happy to hear the news that one of of our favourite private investigators is making a comeback via Kickstarter, as long as everything goes well that is.

If your not familiar with Tex, he was the lead character in the puzzlers set against a backdrop of a post apocalyptic world and made his first appearance in Mean Streets back in 1989. The best of the Tex Murphy titles had to be Under a Killing Moon and although other releases did follow they didn’t quite live up to the standard of this noir pulp romp developed by Access Software.

Big Finish Games, a studio co-founded by Tex Murphy creators Chris Jones and Aaron Conners are planning to start a Kickstarter campaign which would see the first new game in the series since Tex Murphy: Overseer was released in 1998, but the least said about that the better. Here is what the Big Fish Games guys had to say:

“With the recent Kickstarter success stories for other Adventure Games–Double Fine Adventure & Wasteland 2–we saw an opportunity to create a game of a larger scale,”

“So, with that in mind, we hope to bring the next Tex Murphy game to an a much bigger, dare I say, epic level–more actors, locations, broader stories and yes, even meaningful, varied story paths.”

The Kickstarter campaign is due to begin on the 15th of May, so while we wait why not share your thoughts on the heady days of FMV games over at our Facebook page or via the comments section below.

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